Friday, May 26, 2006

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Getting a PHP Developer job in London

A small tale about finding a PHP developer position in London. (Go to the bottom to see my advices)

Being tired of small the small challenges and crappy PHP code Denmark has to offer I decided to go for London to try something better. This was early 2005 - my girl friend soon made do some initiary research and I send of some CVs and applications to some random companies... No response at all. Rule number one learned: Don't waste your time before you actually are on the location.

Anyway early September I arrived and actually managed to have booked one interview before I arrived and another one interested. Soon after it really speeded up and I had around 3 interviews per week. However London is a mixed market you can get interviews with the small webdeveloper agency to the big multi billion £££ company there - I even saw PHP positions at Yahoo europe (I didn't apply as they were using for user-interface skills) and almost got to go to CNET.

So here goes my advices:
  1. Be in London before you start looking.

  2. Find a cheap but central place to live (you ain't gonna find a place to work in one day). is a good place to look.

  3. Do some research on how the Brits want job applications - they really want elaborated CVs - so make your CV elaborated and make it good.

  4. Signup at all the relevant jobsites: , and many more.
    Although it's a mess signing of their daily job-offers do sign up for it... you'll save a whole lot of time. And you can post of your CV so easily... personally I didn't spend time customizing every CV because I posted so many.
    Also make sure to get all your relevant search phrases in your CV and edit it on a regular basis so the job-agents find you easily. is again a good place to take a look!

  5. Prepare for the interviews: You will certainly be tested... you might be good but you have to be the BEST! This means knowing every little rule and trick in PHP and MySQL and whatever your skills are... At one test I almost lost my chance because I messed about in how PHP do referencing... personally I don't use it much because there ain't no need for it - and when I use it I take a look in the reference and expirement myself a bit forward... that ain't good enough at a test! SO BE PREPARED... You'll certainly save a few interviews then...

  6. Negotiations... be cool I managed to get a shitty offer of 22.500 £ pr year increased to 27.000 £ pr year just by telling them to fuck of in a polite way - anyway I knew I wasn't going to take the job - I knew Spain was it! And I was aiming for 28.000+ £...

  7. Well, this is probably alfa omega... I do have a good spoken English! The better your English are the better your chances are... but when you're there: for sure your English get quick fast - maybe take a shit job for a few months and then move on when your English is great.
Comments and questions: post away!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

More MP3 Class Stuff

More than interest than usage I put some more effort into my mp3 class... Hopefully within a reasonable scope of time I will be able to update the class with following features:
  1. Time length of the file.
  2. Splitting the files into any number of chunks.
I feel good... and I even got around to do my own Flash application to play MP3... face it I'm a perfectionist - I just want my sh!te to work, my way!

Well, the class is updated now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

PHP without APACHE

Lets start by admitting that I run windows on my test-server - I do it with APACHE though and I wouldn't change. Once I installed a windows server: A no good experience! But you do go pretty far without APACHE. Following is my issues:
  1. mod_rewrite - I **LUV** mod_rewrite - and it only comes for APACHE.

  2. The issue about casesensitivity when migrating code from windows to linux - but not the other way around. With some dicipline it ussually isn't an issue.

  3. And finally a whole bunch of php-libraries doesn't work out that well when you aren't using a *nix server. (Most *nix servers are usually working on apache.

  4. A wild guess: Correctly installed apache performs better as well.
Why am I putting this posting?
You see I am doing some stuff for one of my customers and of one silly reason - he chose (against my advice) to have it running on a windows none apache server. Hell what I just charge him the extra hours. But it's not that funny...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Mp3 Class for PHP

For a topdog project I'm on for the middle of I had to do some screwing around with MP3 files - actually this was one of the few things that was not that covered in PHP. Probably because the encoding is Patented and I didn't spend enough time looking!

Regarding the patents:
#1 I live in Europe and we don't care that much for software patents.
#2 I don't care much for patents nor copyrights.
#3 I'd be surprised if mergeing two files and fucking about with the IDV-tags could stir anybody's emotions!???

Find the script here:

Homeage to:

PHP Ramblings

Hacking around trying to create a MP3 class I decided to start a blog about PHP...
Ya know - just post my own ramblings about it! :P